For years researchers have struggled to find patterns in their data, such as correlations, contributions, cause and effect relationships, trends, and predictability. Partek software is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to find these patterns, to solve complex pattern analysis and recognition problems, and to give dynamic interactive data visualization to exemplify what the data is saying. Partek integrates modern methods of data analysis and visualization with classical statistics enabling researchers to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of pattern analysis and recognition problems. Scientists can choose from a wide variety of statistical and numerical functions, transformations, and tests.

Next Generation Sequencing
Next generation sequencing enables molecule quantitation, analysis at the transcript level, alternative splicing, allele specific expression, SNP discovery, sRNA and more.

The RNA-seq, DNA-Seq and ChIP-seq workflows in Partek Genomics Suite will guide you from raw data, through statistical analysis to biological interpretation in an intuitive and interactive genome browser.

Microarrays are used to measure changes in Gene, Exon and miRNA expression; detect SNPs and Copy Number Variations as well as to map DNA-protein binding loci with ChIP-on-Chip.

Microarray data analysis results depend heavily on the experimental design and statistical analysis. Partek Genomics Suite offers extremely powerful and flexible algorithms to unveil biological findings even in a 'sea of noise'.

Integrated Genomics
Functional Genomics, systems biology and even comparative genomics, turn concrete within this package. Moreover, it integrates platforms and offers data mining algorithms using the genome as the scaffold.


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