Ingenuity Systems is a company that is taking on the challenge of next-generation knowledge management for the life sciences community. Our long-term focus on innovation in semantic search, ontology, and software development has allowed us to create groundbreaking technologies that help life science researchers more effectively search, explore, visualize, and analyze biological and chemical findings related to genes, proteins, and small molecules (e.g. drugs).

Today, Ingenuity's products are used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research institutions worldwide. We are continually looking for new ways to develop and leverage our technology in order to address needs within the constantly evolving life science market. With such a strong focus on our customers, Ingenuity has developed a loyal and passionate user base that is the core of the company's success in this dynamic and evolving market.

Ingenuity's products and services have one common goal — to help life science researchers generate maximum value from all types of biological and chemical knowledge. All of Ingenuity’s solutions leverage the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base, a repository of biological interactions and functional annotations created from millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases. These modeled relationships, or Findings, include rich contextual details, links to the original article, and are manually reviewed for accuracy. Ingenuity’s solutions enable researchers to quickly access and utilize this knowledge to better understand complex biological systems, answer questions, analyze data, or integrate that information into other tools.

Superior Life Science Knowledge: Ingenuity’s solutions leverage the unparalleled depth and breadth of the information in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base. Ingenuity manually reviews this information for accuracy and structures it to enable a contextually detailed representation of biological knowledge that is semantically and linguistically consistent.

Industry Standard: To date, Ingenuity solutions have been cited in thousands of articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. IPA has been adopted by virtually all major pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of industry-leading biotech, academic, and government institutions.

Easy to Use: Our products have been designed with the help of usability experts to meet the needs of biologists and chemists in addition to computationally oriented researchers. They have been adopted by thousands of life scientists across a wide range of therapeutic areas.


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