The Department of Bioinformatics applies the latest ICT solutions, linking microarray, mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing data with other sources of biomedical information.

It provides both specialized software, such as Partek, Ingeuity, Omniviz and Tibco Spotfire, which enable visualization, processing and interpretation of complex datasets, as well as computer power and datastorage facilities, using IBM BladeCenter and SAN technology and the Oracle ExaData platform.

The department also offers specific training courses and data analysis facilities to apply these tools to biomedical research, in particular in the field of next generation sequencing.

  • Partek

    For years researchers have struggled to find patterns in their data, such as correlations, contributions, cause and effect relationships, trends, and predictability. Partek software is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to find these patterns, to solve complex pattern analysis and recognition problems, and to give dynamic interactive data visualization...


    Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX) provides enterprise software that helps companies achieve service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) success. With over 4,000 customers and offices, TIBCO has given leading organizations around the world better awareness and agility–what TIBCO calls The Power of Now®.

  • Ingenuity

    Ingenuity Systems is a company that is taking on the challenge of next-generation knowledge management for the life sciences community. Our long-term focus on innovation in semantic search, ontology, and software development has allowed us to create groundbreaking technologies that help life science researchers more effectively search, explore, visualize, and...

  • Complete Genomics

    Complete Genomics is a life sciences company that has developed and commercialized a DNA sequencing platform for human genome sequencing and analysis. This solution combines the company’s proprietary human genome sequencing technology with its informatics and data management software in an outsourced service model that provides its customers with finished...

  • Oracle

    Erasmus MC Bioinformatics is since 2001 Strategic Development Partner of Oracle in the field of translational medicine.


    BIOBASE is a leading provider of expert-curated biological databases, software and services for the life sciences. Our products and services identify relations critical to drug and biomarker discovery as well as improve biomedical research by transforming data into scientific knowledge.


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