Rotterdam Invests in Knowledge Development


Entrepreneurs, researchers, local authorities and educational institutions in Rotterdam joined forces to invest in knowledge. Rotterdam has the ambition to become a center of knowledge intensive industries. Tailoring of educational resources to demands from the business community stimulates innovation. Well-educated populations, a good infrastructure for trade and industry and a pleasant living, working and social environment are prerequisites for Rotterdam's transformation into a hotspot for entrepreneurs and employees in the knowledge-intensive sector.

Schools in Rotterdam are frequented by more than 120,000 students (all levels and ages from 12 years) of which 20,000 study at Erasmus University. There are many commercially success-prone sectors in Rotterdam in trade, transport and logistics, engineering and process chemistry.

In addition, the new creative industry is drawn to Rotterdam. Take for example the audiovisual sector, new media, design, architecture and biomedical technology. In short, Rotterdam is the place to be.

Aiming at stimulating economical developments, Rotterdam has set up the Economic Development Board Rotterdam (EDBR) comprising representatives of (international) business and knowledge and art institutions. EDBR fosters Rotterdam's economy and actively supports innovation. An example is the 3D virtual reality set up in the department of Bioinformatics. A product of a close cooperation between the Erasmus MC department of Bioinformatics and the City of Rotterdam.

Various funding agencies support the activities of the Bioinformatics department:


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